General Framework

Science cooperation is a key pillar of the Enhanced Bilateral Strategic Partnership adopted in 2017 between France and Australia. It dramatically underpins our capacity to jointly design innovative solutions that can benefit our respective communities and ensure our economic competitiveness on a global scale.

In this context, the French Embassy in Australia puts in place in 2018 a brand new set of research collaborative instruments under the umbrella of the FASIC PHC program.  This program is meant as a catalyst and aims to support the launch and the critical early-stage development of bilateral research projects between France and Australia. It also aims to support the strategic scaling-up of science and technology collaborations.

In a nutshell, the FASIC PHC program will contribute to initiate or reinforce bilateral research collaborations, will enable scientists from France and Australian research institutions to meet and discuss future collaborative projects. This program is meant to support the establishment of joint research labs or scientific networks between France and Australia.

Funding under FASIC PHC program is not intended to support the research work itself but will be used for the implementation of international cooperation such as exchanges and travels.

The FASIC PHC program will be implemented along three different schemes:


Key features and principles applicable to all schemes

This program is based on the following principles:
  • Effective collaborative research projects: Submitted projects must be joint research projects involving at least a French and an Australian research partner ;
  • Co-funding between the French and Australian partners:
Matching fund from the partnering Australian research institutions is mandatory and will stand as one of the eligibility criteria of the submitted projects; 


1- Description of the scheme

FASIC PhD SCHEME aims to support PhD candidates’ mobility between the two countries with the view to establish or consolidate individual connections between French and Australian research labs, and to create the conditions for new collaborative joint research projects to emerge or existing collaborations to strategically scale-up.

PhD students from all fields of science, including humanities and social sciences are eligible.

FASIC PhD SCHEME will support mobility of both French-based PhD students to Australia and Australian-based PhD students to France. This scheme will only cover the expense of one economy return airfare from and to major airports between France and Australia.

The proposal must be a joint submission by the French and Australian supervisors and the PhD candidate. Applications by PhD candidates alone will not be assessed.

French and Australian institutions involved in the mobility of the PhD students are expected to provide extra support to the student (i.e. monthly living allowance or at least cash or in kind stipend covering accommodation expenses).

The mobility of the PhD student between France and Australia has to start in 2018. Its duration cannot exceed the authorized visa length of stay, depending on the visa requested (eVisitor (subclass 651) : 3 months, Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400): 3 months, Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476): 12 months, Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) : 3 months)

The financial support from the Australian research laboratory or institution involved is expected to be equivalent to the French financial support.

To summarize, the funding scheme is as follows:


Matching funds from Australian partnering institution

Mobility to Australia for France-based PhD students

Travel costs between France and Australia (economy airfare)

Monthly allowance provided to the France-based student + cash or in kind support for accommodation

Mobility to France for Australia-based PhD student

Travel costs between Australia and France (economy airfare)

Monthly allowance provided to the Australia-based student + cash or in kind support for accommodation

2. Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria are the following:

  • PhD applicants must be enrolled in a French or an Australian research/academic institution.
  • PhD applicants preparing a PhD thesis in the framework of a co-tutelle, of a joint-badged PhD, or under joint formal Australian – French supervision arrangements will be given priority. However, all PHD applicants are eligible as soon as their bilateral mobility is clearly embedded in a bilateral research project.
  • Applications are submitted by the PhD candidate with the support of their co-supervisors both in Australia and France.  Applications shall clearly identify the partnering French and Australian institutions involved. A letter of support of the French and Australian research/academic institutions involved in the operational implementation of the mobility will be attached to the application.
  • The partnering Australian Academic/research institution will commit to the level of the monthly allowance and logistic support provided, either to the France-based student coming for the mobility, either to their students sent to France through the scheme.
  • PhD students affiliated to French overseas territories’ Universities and research institutions are fully eligible and encouraged to apply.

3- Selection criteria:

Assessment will focus on:
  • The clear description of the added value of the suggested mobility, either from the PhD candidate’s and from the French and Australian collaboration’s perspectives
  • The quality of the scientific project (originality of the research topic, quality of the research team, prospects for development and transfer of technologies, if relevant).
  • Strategic interest of the bilateral research collaboration along which the proposed mobility is taking place.

4- Evaluation process

  • Eligible applications will be assessed by the French Embassy in Australia.

5- Conditions of award

  • Grants under the FASIC PhD SCHEME will be managed by French agency Campus France
  • Mobility of the PhD shall start before 15 December 2018. Considering French budget cycle, the start of the mobility can’t be postponed to 2019.
  • Flight bookings under the FASIC PhD SCHEME will be done between two international airports only. After the tickets have been issued a date change is not permitted.

6- Eligible funding

  • Funding allocated through this scheme takes exclusively in charge the expense of one economy return airfare from and to international airports between France and Australia for the PhD student.

7- Intellectual property

  • It is the responsibility of the French and Australian supervisors to take all the useful measures concerning the protection of the intellectual property.
  • All parties are invited to read attentively the document in annex 1 concerning best practice and rules of intellectual property. The submission of the project includes tacitly the agreement, by all the parties, in these rules

8- Follow up of the projects

  • Successful applicants will be required to submit a report to the French Embassy within three months after the completion the project, using the report template (annex 2)
  • It is a requirement that any publication resulting from the project funded by this program will need to mention the support granted to the project by the French Embassy in Australia, the French Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs and the French Ministry of high education and research and the Campus France Agency.

9- When and how to apply?
  • Procedure:
  • Fill the online form with all requested information
  • Ensure you include all required additional documentation with your application
  • Deadline for application :
Opening of the call: 1 March 2018
Deadline for application: 2 April 2018 10pm Australia EAST
Results announcement: End of April 2018

  • Contact:
For any queries related to FASIC PhD SCHEME, please contact:

SCAC-Section Science et Technologie

Ambassade de France en Australie

6 Perth Avenue - YARRALUMLA  ACT  2600 - Australie

Phone : + 61 (0)2 6216 0139

 Fax : + 61 (0)2 6216 0156

Email : science.canberra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr



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